New Beginnings

Mid October 2015, I packed my bags ( well more like two-thirds of my apartment in DC) and moved a couple thousand of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Senegal.  I wish there was some awesome story attached to my move, for example moving to be an international superstar ( but I probably would have moved to New York, LA or perhaps even Lagos ), start my own fabulous food business or to be with my lover/boyfriend/husband and backpack across Africa with no money but relying on the generosity of strangers for food and shelter, however NOPE, I moved to continue working for an NGO but now in a Senegal-based position. Tres dry but I guess nonetheless exciting ( at least career-wise).

In moving here, I had a lot of fears and concerns ( to be discussed later) and a few hopes and dreams. For example, I had a wonderful idea of creating an amazing social media presence to the extent that I would become so popular, I would be offered a job with the Travel Channel to travel around the world to learn about different cultures, try local eats and learn how to cook them while wearing modern versions of the traditional outfit. Unfortunately, 6 months in, I am nowhere near that and I have just gotten around to starting my blog. I guess that means, I have 6 months worth of material to write?


One thought on “New Beginnings”

  1. I really would love to see (pictures) and read about anything different you may encounter… unusual places, people and food (when I lived far away from home as a joke I use to send letters on the “foreign” candy wrappers… I think my family liked the wrappers more than my letters… hint hint….)… Look forward to coming posts…


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